The Chocolate Route: The Best Chocolate in Paris (close to the EDUCO center)

Strangely, France, a gourmet’s paradise, is not celebrated for its chocolate, as Belgium and Switzerland have somehow mysteriously swiped this claim to fame. But French chocolate, along with French cheese and French pastries, is undoubtedly the best in the world. Forget waxy, sticky-sweet Hershey’s:  become addicted to the real thing! Vive la France, et vive son chocolat! Here is the EDUCO guide to chocolate. A word of warning: like French cheese and pastries, French chocolate is not cheap. A chocolate bar in any of these tasty shops will cost between 5-8 euros. Click here to view the map.

Jean-Paul Hévin is the chocolate shop closest to EDUCO (3 rue Vavin). Apart from his delicious chocolate “bonbons”, the pastries are exquisite as are the macarons. This is the shop for chocolate purists. The chocolate tart is the best in Paris.

Patrick Roger has 2 shops close to EDUCO – 2-4 place St Sulpice and 91 rue de Rennes. His chocolate creations are more exotic than Hévin’s, and you can find chocolate bonbons filled with the taste of faraway lands. But he also sells excellent traditional “pralinés”. His shop windows are always amazing: enormous sculptures in chocolate that represent the event of the moment. His packaging, a distinctive green, is elegant and makes the perfect gift.

Hugo&Victor, 40 boulevard Raspail, is a beautiful shop that encases its pastry as if it were luxury jewelry. You should visit the shop just for the experience. The chocolate is very good and the packaging clever. However, this shop excels more in pastries than in chocolate. In season, try the delicious strawberry tart.

Jean Charles Rochoux, 16 rue d’Assas, is another excellent “chocolatier”. His windows are often decorated with chocolate animals, and his silver and crocodile print packaging is very flashy.

La Maison du Chocolat, 19 rue de Sèvres, is a classic. Although their chocolate is not as good (according to our taste buds) as the previous entries, their chocolate éclairs remain some of the best in Paris. Hurray!

Jacques Genin has opened a shop on the left bank (27 rue de Varenne) where he sells chocolate and other sweets. You can now satisfy your cravings between EDUCO classes. But if you have the time, do try his tea room at 133 rue de Turenne (3rd arrondissement) where delicious pastries complement his exquisite sweets. His chocolate, some contend, is the best in Paris, as are his “pâtes de fruit” and caramels, but he is also celebrated for his creamy and delicious millefeuilles (which you must order in advance unless you are stopping for tea). By the way, Genin’s packaging, metallic silver boxes, is perfect for travel and makes a nice gift.

Patrice Chapon, 69 rue du Bac, is amongst the very best “chocolatiers”. His chocolate is simply exquisite and his old-fashioned wrapping winsome. In addition, you can take out chocolate mousse – five flavors to take-away and savor.

Special mention: La Pâtisserie des Rêves (93 rue du Bac). Although not a chocolate shop, this pastry shop is delicious and you must not leave this city without trying the best “Paris-Brest” in Paris.