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Placement tests

Prior to coming, students take two French placement diagnostics:

1) Around May 1st for Fall students, and October 15th for Spring students, you will take an on-line French placement test from our main French university partners, Université Paris Cité. 

2) During the month of May or October, you will also take a take-home, hand-written diagnostic for EDUCO. 

Both of these placement diagnostics help us immensely to best understand your level and your needs, and will determine whether or not you will take the credit-bearing French-language class at EDUCO. 

Think of these diagnostics not as exams, but as "photos" of your French level. Take the time, calmly, seriously, to send us a clear, honest image of where your French is now. Rest assured, that image will only get better during your time with EDUCO!