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Course offerings

EDUCO offers a unique opportunity to select courses both from the EDUCO program and the Paris University system. Students take all their courses in French.

Students take 4 or 5 courses per semester (depending on their university) in order to get credit for their work.

Course selection is discussed during individual academic advising and EDUCO staff ensures that the courses chosen fulfill students’ academic needs and correspond to their level.


EDUCO offers 7 courses in the fall and 4 in the spring. These courses change from year to year with the exception of the advanced French language course.  The EDUCO Faculty in Residence, a faculty member from one of the consortium universities, teaches one course per semester.
Usually, the other courses offered are in French Literature, French Art History, French History and Cultural Studies.

The advanced French language course is divided into 2 sections Grammaire et communication or Phonétique et communication

Automne 2022 :

- Notre Dame de Paris, Prof. Kathleen Long

- Art moderne et contemporain en France, Prof. Samuelle Carlson

- Culture et critique - Sociologie de la culture : de la culture des Lumières à la culture Populaire, Prof. Florent Jakob

- Histoire et culture de la psychologie en France, Prof. Ségolène Payan

- Grammaire et communication, Prof. Caroline Ferrard

- Phonétique et communication, Prof. Caroline Ferrard

- Practicum Seminar, Brent Keever

Printemps 2023 :

- Bodies in Medicine/ Les corps et la médecine, Prof. Kathleen Long

- Musées et culture matérielle, Prof. Samuelle Carlson

- Grammaire et communication, Prof. Caroline Ferrard

- Practicum seminar, Brent Keever


Automne 2023 :

Grammar and Communication, Prof. Caroline Ferrard, (French Language)
Phonetics and Communication,Prof. Caroline Ferrard  (French Language)
Symptoms and Synthesis: Health and Medicine in French Literature, Prof Deborah Jenson (TBC)
Social Justice, Global Stakes, prof Florent Jakob (TBC)
Modern and Contemporary Art in France, prof Samuelle Carlson
History and Culture of Psychology in France, prof Ségolène Payan
On Experience: Alterity, Work, Culture (Practicum Seminar), prof Brent Keever

Printemps 2024 : 

- Culture et critique - Sociologie de la culture : de la culture des Lumières à la culture Populaire, Prof. Florent Jakob

- Les autres Frances, Prof. Helen Solterer

- Grammaire et communication, Prof. Caroline Ferrard 

- Phonétique et communication, Prof.  Caroline Ferrard

- Séminaire practicum : culture, travail, expérience, Brent Keever


At the French University

Through rigorous academic advising and a very good knowledge of the French university system, EDUCO staff enables students to adjust to a new academic environment and ensures that they select courses that will both foster intellectual growth and meet their credit requirements.

Each semester, EDUCO publishes a Course Catalogue to help students with their course selection in all disciplines including the sciences (download at the bottom of this page).

Students may also consult printed copies at their study abroad offices. They can also browse directly on the universities’ sites (course bulletins are subject to change).

Duke and Emory students can consult a list of previously pre-approved courses but not limit themselves to that list.

Duke pre-approved courses
Emory pre-approved courses

Our French partner institutions are:

Université de Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne Courses in archeology, law, economics, management, history, visual arts, art history, philosophy, political science

Université de Paris – Sorbonne (also known as Paris 4) Courses in literature, history, musicology, arts

Université de Paris Cité (formerly known as Paris 7 or Paris Diderot) Courses in literature, social science, math, science and technology management, foreign languages, psychology, Anglophone literature and American studies (English majors only) 

Institut d’Etudes Politiques, better known as Sciences-Po
Non-consortium students do not qualify for this exchange.

Students interested in spending a semester or a full-year at Science Po must be in touch with their study abroad office. The application process is stringent and Science Po’s deadlines must be kept.

Special requests

Provided the home university approves, EDUCO can assist students with unusual majors or concentrations to develop a curriculum that fits their academic needs. All special requests such as Independent Study (in the humanities or the sciences), Studio Art or Dance must be discussed with the home institution.

Final Exams

In the fall, provided they have completed their classes and with the approval of the French university  professor, students may take early exams and leave in December, when the EDUCO session ends.
Students attending Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris 4) must take the exams in January.
All spring semester students must take final exams.


Final grades are sent directly by EDUCO to the home university as well as a written evaluation form from all their professors.

The decision to award credit for coursework done in Paris rests solely with the students’ home university.