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Discovering French heritage

Paris has an extraordinary artistic panorama: music, dance, movies, theater, festivals… The Paris university student card allows students to enjoy all that Paris has to offer at the best prices.

In France, heritage preservation is a priority.  Early on, students discover France’s history, its art and architecture through a series of visits (mandatory or optional) to châteaux, museums or preserved architectural sites, in Paris or on the outskirts. EDUCO proposes a rich cultural agenda including activities such as:

  • Day trips to the provinces  (Nancy, Rouen, Lille, Amiens, Angers, Chartres…) in small groups
  • Visits to fairs (Salon de Agriculture or Salon du Chocolat), to the National Assembly,  to the Paris flea market, an auction house, the Grand Palais…
  • Week-end trip to France’s memorable sites
  • Cooking or pastry workshops followed by dinner with the chef
  • Wine tasting to understand the complexity of French wine
  • Studio art with a painter for artistically inclined students
  • Chocolate workshops

Once a semester, EDUCO invites all the students to a show, a concert, a play or an opera.