Key to a successful study abroad experience, EDUCO housing has been screened and carefully selected. Students complete a housing application form at their home university, in order to help EDUCO make the best match possible.

EDUCO students are assigned their first preference when possible.

Located throughout Paris, no two living arrangements are identical. The average transportation ride anywhere in the city is around 35 minutes by metro or bus and like all true Parisians, public transportation will become an integral part of students’ lives.

EDUCO offers two housing options, which allow rapid immersion in an interactive environment.

French household: total immersion in French culture

Living in a French household is the best way to discover the French way of life from the inside and to observe the French in action. “French Household” (chambre chez particulier) means a single person, a couple with or without children, or a single parent of varying ages. Personalities and life styles, a result of diverse cultures, will certainly be different, but the relationship that students establish with their hosts will enrich their knowledge of France. Students live in single rooms (between 110 and 150 sq. feet) and share the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom with their hosts. Each host has different rules about visitors. Students are expected to adapt to the rhythm of the household. Breakfast and 3 meals per week are provided.

French student residence (foyer):
a compromise between independence and collective living

This is an excellent choice for independent students who wish to meet other French and francophone or Francophile students in an international environment. Each student has a single room with a shower and a sink; kitchens are communal. There is no curfew and visitors are authorized, within certain limits. The student residence is located in the 14th arrondissement, at the Cité Universitaire de Paris.


Independent living arrangement

Students may also opt to find their own housing provided their university approves.