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Photo des alumni d'EDUCO

Thanks to my semester abroad with EDUCO, I was able to deepen my knowledge of the French language and culture and have a network of friends in a foreign country. Being able to fully immerse myself in the French lifestyle really helped me more than anything to quickly learn the language. EDUCO transformed my life because it helped me to achieve my dream since middle school of living in Paris. And here we are, four years after my semester with EDUCO, still here... :-) 

- Sunny Song, Emory University 2012


My semester with EDUCO was truly a life-changing experience. Under the guidance of Giulia, Valérie, Monique and Professor Judith Miller from Emory, the transition to Paris was easy as I was nervous to start school in a foreign country. Paris is the best city in the world, and EDUCO gives you the freedom to explore the city, but also the comfort of a structured community. During a semester (or year) in Paris, you will become fluent in French and develop an even bigger appreciation for French culture and language. I miss Paris every day, and I have EDUCO to thank for my deep love for that city and country.

- Lena Grossman, Tulane University 2015


I couldn't have asked for a better semester abroad than my fall 2013 experience with EDUCO in Paris. A perfect balance of structure and freedom, the program was a wonderful introduction to student life in a foreign country. Students were encouraged to fully embrace the Parisian way of life, whether by taking courses at Paris universities alongside natives, living with French host families, or questing to find the best spot to have a quintessential wine-bread-and-cheese picnic with new and old friends. Now that I've graduated and returned to Paris to pursue a degree at the École normale supérieure, it's clear that my time abroad was the most significant experience of my undergraduate years. Thank you EDUCO!

- Alexis Stanley, Duke Universty 2015


EDUCO is the program that opened my eyes to completely new experiences and a new discovery about myself in a different country. I lived with a French host family; I made friends from around the world; and I became intimately familiar with French culture, custom and the broader European way of life. The staff at EDUCO is very welcoming and supportive. We had so many opportunities to explore Paris and France through numerous workshops and excursions that were planned for us. If you participate in this program, you won't regret it, as it is necessary for everyone to leave their comfort zones in order to understand that the way we do things is only one part of the way that the rest of the world does things. Thanks to EDUCO, I have international friends with whom I've kept in touch for over 10 years, as well as American friends to whom I've grown closer because of our joint EDUCO experience. Therefore, if you do this program, you will undoubtedly form new bonds, and will have that many more places to visit through the people you'll meet!

- Sabrina Acloque, Cornell University  2004


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