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Paris. The dream has come true.

Now is the time to embrace everyday life: meeting French students, volunteering in associations and contributing skills, discovering the French corporate culture through internships… a wide array of activities is available with one goal in mind: practice, learn, and improve.

We are interested in all your adventures, your discoveries and your opinions. Le Millefeuille, the EDUCO on-line student web magazine, exists since July 2011 and we hope you will regularly submit articles for publication. Every student must write at least one article, in French, of course, before leaving Paris. Any subject may be addressed: trips, food, culture, politics, France and your reactions to France, the economic crisis, happy surprises, disappointments, museum exhibits, the French university, the metro, the homeless, internships, new friendships, the passage of time, the gardens and parks, basically everything, everything you see, eat, feel and analyze can be the material of an article. Read the articles of past students. Le Millefeuille also serves as a shared memory of your time in Paris.