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From study abroad to future expat – par Jaron Sandy

Le coin des anciens

I participated in the EDUCO program in 1995-1996, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Study abroad is a wonderful and unique opportunity to discover a new country, culture and way of life, providing a realistic, first-hand dimension to accompany the classroom learning of the language and history. Paris is one of the most incredible cities in the world, and even two semesters full of sight-seeing are not enough!

EDUCO provides a great home base for you to take care of administrative needs and obtain cultural tips, recommendations and helpful ways to better enjoy your experience. They also organize several outings for students to visit sites both in and outside of Paris. The staff are very friendly and well accustomed to dealing with the practical issues students face. You’ll also make great friends with your fellow EDUCO students and will have a natural bond with them once you return back to your college campus. Please allow me to offer one piece of advice: to get the most out of your semester abroad and improve your language skills, try to make friends with other French students. If you only hang out with your EDUCO friends, you won’t make as much progress in French.

Thanks to my year abroad, I met a French woman who would later become my wife, and we now live in Dijon, France. The enriching experience of my year of study abroad also led me to choose a career in international law, and after finishing college and law school in the U.S. and working for a few years in a NY firm, I was able to sit for and pass the French bar exam. I now practice in France as a French and American lawyer, none of which would have been possible without the opportunity to broaden my horizons through study abroad.


Jaron Sandy

Automne 2011